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Turn Isolated Parking Assets Into Connected Mobility Hubs

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Urban areas are experiencing an evolution from the antiquated model of disjointed transportation and navigation to an intelligent, dynamic mobility ecosystem. In this emerging environment, parking assets face myriad risks and opportunities. By embracing new technologies and transforming certain aspects of their facilities, management systems, and business practices, these traditional assets can play a leading role in the future urban transport and navigation ecosystem. FlashParking, headquartered in Austin, TX, is driving the technology transformation from legacy assets to a critical and valuable part of the emerging mobility ecosystem: the connected mobility hub.

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to reducing congestion.

The Challenge: Congestion, Pollution, and New Mobility

Growing rates of city-dwellers, simultaneous increases in density and urban sprawl, the introduction of mobility including Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft and micro-mobility (eScooters and eBikes), innovations in electric and autonomous vehicles, and the resulting rises in congestion and pollution – these are the evolving environmental factors that present challenges to cities today.

Looking at the list to the left, there is no denying that newer entrants to the mobility ecosystem have brought benefits.

However, these new mobility services have also brought with them a slew of new challenges and considerations.

How can we reap the rewards of these developments in mobility without pushing our already stressed infrastructures past their critical point?

The Need: Collaboration Not Competition

While the emergence of cutting-edge mobility technologies has the potential to invigorate economies and deliver benefits to society, the physical and digital infrastructures necessary to support this transition are largely absent. To sustain or even accelerate the rate of growth in the mobility ecosystem, the industry’s oldest, most reliable players will have to cooperatively evolve alongside newer entrants to the marketplace.

Rather than perpetuating the challenges facing urban communities today and later falling victim to the consequences of their own complacency, parking garages and lots have the opportunity to evolve into modern hubs of mobility and stake a leadership position in the mobility ecosystem of today and tomorrow.

The Solution

Why FlashParking?

There are three core competencies that qualify FlashParking to power this transition:

  1. Future-ready infrastructure. Our plug-and-play, USB-based hardware architecture and cloud-based software allows seamless integration of technologies that users demand today and tomorrow.
  2. Unrivaled cloud intelligence and security. Our true cloud-based software is built on flexible open-API programming and boasts the highest level of Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards compliance available
  3. World class customer experiences. Our solutions make possible the strategic implementation of the most advanced, relevant, and user-friendly technologies available today.